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Planning on renovation work? Not sure or no clarity if the price quoted, brand, materials and specs are correct? Where are the hidden cost? How do I qualify this contractor?

our services:

Advise on selection, review & appointment of contractor – meeting with your contractor(s)

Go through the quotation & advise on pricing, specs, materials

Advise & provide a draft Agreement to be establish with your contractor

Advise & prepare a project timeline to be followed by the contractor

Assist to call for quotation / tender – valuation of tenderers

Value Engineering

Site Audit

You may pick & choose any of the listed services below on an 'ala-carte' pay per use basis.

That will potentially save you Thousands

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Call or WhatsApp 

us your enquiries or issues.

step 2

We will let you know our fees.

step 3

Send us all or any documents, drawings, quotations you have related to the project.

step 4

Schedule meeting with you and the contractor(s).

step 5

98% guaranteed !