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Supervise Renovations

Track Your Site Renovations with SUPERVISOR

Do you need a great company that can supervise renovations in Malaysia? If so, call SUPERVISOR.MY. No matter how big your renovation project is and what stage you are in, SUPERVISOR.MY can help. Here are just a few ways that SUPERVISOR.MY can help supervise renovations. 

Pre Renovation


  • Advise on selection, review & appointment of contractor – meeting with your contractor(s)

  • Go through the quotation & advise on pricing, specs, materials

  • Advise & provide a draft Agreement to be establish with your contractor

  • Advise & prepare a project timeline to be followed by the contractor

  • Assist to call for quotation / tender – valuation of tenderers

  • Value Engineering

  • Site Audit

During Renovation


  • Review Quotation, Agreement/Contract, Master Work Schedule, Specs, Materials, etc.

  • Go through all renovation site issues, complaints, etc. – review & resolve with solutions

  • Establish & facilitate an agreement / contract. Master project timeline, create a master specs / materials  list

  • Site Supervision – daily, weekly or monthly. Track & monitor – delivery of materials, manpower, progress of works to completion

  • Site meeting with contractor & client – update on progress, issues, solutions, cost & timeline

  • Full update to Client on timelines, site progress with pictures

  • Check & Monitor on workmanship, materials delivered at site, specs, etc.

  • Advice on claims & payments to contractor

Post Renovation


  • Review Quotation, Agreement /Contract Specs, Materials, Additional Works, Cost, etc.

  • Prepare full report on main quotation, agreement /contract - check on discrepancies

  • Prepare defect list & carry out joint inspection

  • Go through on all additional cost charged, any extra claims – prepare report with justification to client and go through with contractor

  • Prepare non compliance and omission report to be deducted or charged back to contractor

  • Prepare full handover documentation with warranties, certifications, etc.

  • Prepare a full project closure report with final accounts. Retention with final CCC approval.

  • Handover audit

Track your site renovations with help from  SUPERVISOR.MY and save your time, resources and misery. Learn more on how  SUPERVISOR.MY can help track your site renovations at